The Exalt E​.​P.




Illusions debut E.P. including 4 songs that will establish their name and mark their territory for the sound they accomplish.


released August 21, 2012

Bradd Schlosser and In Motion Studios.



all rights reserved


Illusions Buford, Georgia

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Track Name: Aberration
we will prevail born into this world of hell every second counts (2) when your behind enemy lines all you have are the guys to your left and right. Holding on tight to what means the most. moving in close to what weve lost. were lost. were all lost. weve fought the battles. weve seen what there is to be seen. you think its all fun and games. well we'll show you what it means to serve. serve your people. the ones you love. turn that love into motivation. and fire the gun. my death is nearing with every doubt. i hold my breath hoping for a way out. (2) we take the beatings we take the blows. you want your freedom while we kill our own. (2) we kill our own
Track Name: World of Thought
open your eyes and then youll see. these binds of shame are shackling me. somewhere in darkness. somewhere in the sea. my life in jeopardy. my soul for a fee. losing battles weve already won. our bodies aching drained from the sun. erasing wounds that never heal. nothing compares to the way we feel. here it comes. arm your men. looking in the eyes of death. repent now take your last breath. ive lost all feelings inside my mind. while scars and bruises hurt the outside. (2) how does it feel to know it was all for nothing (theyre all dead) (2) lives lost worlds torn. rotting flesh. theres rotting flesh. lives lost worlds torn. theyre dead theyre all dead. i ask forgiveness but no ones there. only God can save me now. (2) only God can save me now. only God can save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. only God can save me now. only God can you now.
Track Name: The Exalt
tearing down these monuments that we built. trying to reclaim what had been stolen. releasing neurons that were never thought of. losing control of everything you sought out. the suns flame is burning thin. pullling together all the strings. you sit there. mind so filled. your conscious corrupt. so ready to rebuild. for the ones who have been killed. ocean of lies. with ones beating hearts to drown. drown in the dark. the only way is down. its all been said and done. its wrong. its all wrong. no margin for error. no way to form. take the path you are given or forever hold your peace. (2) Individualists contorted. molded to their ignorance. ready to conform. the disease spreads into heads. save us from this abomination. let the mind spool and the colors begin to flow. begin to flow.